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Autoharp Radio FAQ

I will do my best to answer your questions here. If you have a question, contact me.

You should play…

I need permission from every artist that I play on the podcast. If there's an artist you want to hear, please email them. Ask them to complete the permission form and submit their music to the show.

How do artists submit music to the podcast?

Just complete this form for each CD that you release. Then follow these instructions to send me music.

Why do you need permission to play my music?

By completing the submission form, you understand that I cannot pay royalties for music played in the podcast.

What is "podsafe music"?

Podsafe music is music that is allowed to be played on podcasts without having to pay royalties.

Any time a file is downloaded on the internet, then royalties must be paid to the author and the performer.

The music can be made podsafe through either a Creative Commons license or by the performer AND the songwriter waiving their royalty payments to be played.

Why don't artists get paid to be featured on the podcast?

Podcasts are not like streaming radio. The standard royalty rate for streaming radio is like 0.005% or something like that.

For podcasts, it is the same as when someone sells a song. That standard royalty rate is 9.1 cents per song per download.

Each Autoharp Radio show will feature 10 songs. The first one I posted had 52 downloads in the first 24 hours. That means if I paid royalties for each show, I would owe a bare minimum of $47 per episode.

I make this podcast as a public service to the Autoharp community, to help these artists get heard and help them sell some music.

I will ask listeners to become a patron of my music to support the show. But I don't expect to get any patrons. I also have no plans at present to offer advertisements in the show.

What do you to make it worthwhile for musicians to be featured?

I am a full-time musician too. I know how hard it is for musicians to make money. I know how easy it is for musicians to waste money on promotion. That's why I offer free promotion for artists. I don't even accept CDs.

In each podcast, I emphasize the importance of supporting the artists featured in the podcast by buying their music. I consider it extremely important that musicians be compensated. I plan to harp on (pun intended) that idea in EVERY episode.

In other podcasts I host, musicians have told me about how well their albums sold because of the podcast. I also get regular emails from listeners saying, I bought this or that album.

I do think this will be a valuable service for autoharpers. If it's not, I will stop it.

Do artists earn any money from the podcast?

Yes. A little bit. The show is cross-posted to YouTube. They pay streaming royalty rates for songs played. (I know CD Baby collects some of those royalties).


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