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How to Promote Yourself Through Autoharp Radio

Thank you for submitting your music to Autoharp Radio. I hope I can help you sell more music and make more fans. This page is designed to help you do just that.

Please remember to complete the form each time you release a new album so I know you still want to be featured.


How to Get Featured in the Podcast

  • Upload music to Google Drive and share with

  • Or Upload music tracks via Dropbox (128kbps preferred) to

  • IMPORTANT! Please make sure you include proper ID3 tags with your MP3 submissions. You can use a program like iTunes to edit the MP3s. Or just rip your CD. Make sure the Artist and Album Name are included.

  • You can follow up by email to the address above.

  • Music must be "podsafe". That means, I cannot accept cover songs unless they are public domain or have unknown attribution.

Special note: If you don't get featured, please don't take it personally. More than likely, I haven't had the time to feature. I will share my favorites first, but I will try to include all autoharpers who submit!


Bonus Promotion and Tips

  1. Promo Picture
    Do yourself a favor. Make sure you have a full resolution photo on your website. I may want to use your photo to promote an episode of the podcast. If there's no easy way to download it, I can't feature you.

  2. Make Sure you Send MP3s.
    This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people either submit the form and don't email MP3s or they send MP3s, but don't complete the form. We need both to get you featured.

  3. Link Back to the Podcast
    No. This is not required. It's a simple courtesy. I'll be linking to your website a lot. You can reciprocate by adding a link to

  4. Follow Up!
    Please drop me an email in a couple weeks to follow up on your submission.

  5. Subscribe to the Autoharp Music Tips Ezine
    I will list all of the artists featured in the latest edition of the newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of the page.

  6. Join Autoharp Community
    Here are the autoharp sites I follow:


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